I got up at nine this morning, very much unlike me, as I usually wake up at later times. But you know.

-16 year old Brown Sugar.

6 years later I’m sure no one knows what I meant by “you know” lmao. Why was I even waking up after 9? Oh lol I was still a minor. These days 6:00 is rush hour.


LOOOOOL so I still have this? I totally forgot. Totally. It’s been what, 6 years since I opened a WordPress (I was 16). Thought they’d have kicked me out by now.

Welp. I’m going to rant and talk randomly cause, you know, I always want to do that.

I’m about to be 22 now. At the latter end of this bloody NYSC rubbish. I’m glad it’s nearly out of the way though, I need to focus on other things. Like how to get money and what I’m going to do next. Life is really scary and I’ve been craving independence but when I get it, it’s going to be so hard lmao. It’s not going to be what I expected. Well. I’m already sort of independent so I get it but after service it’s going to be another story. Sigh. Bring it on though, my mama didn’t raise a bitch uno.

My hair’s a mess. I ran out of leave in conditioner last month and I forgot to buy when I went shopping, now I don’t have money for another one so my hair feels like iron sponge. And I put a “moisturising hair cream” in it yesterday, LOL. Which yeye moisture? Which?? Honestly need to have a word with the makers of that hair cream, the leave in conditioner and the actual conditioner are bomb. Why is this one now fucking up. Made my hair hard EVEN WHEN I USED IT WITH THE LEAVE IN. I regret spending money on it.

My sister said “fuck” out loud on the TL today. She should just come out and admit she’s doing drugs and having illicit sex so that I will not worry about what she’s getting into, rather I will know for sure. I’m shocked because she normally does bad belle for people that swear sha.

I readily admit to being a feminist, loving food, Yoruba men, and not having OCD. I’m not a slob, but I don’t have that “OCD” that people claim once they’re neat. Actually my room can be a mess when I’m lazy but that doesn’t last. Untidy rooms make me agitated. I don’t have many favourites. I think God is a genius. I’m not in love, and I’m starting to feel funny about it though I don’t want to change it until I’m sure I truly love myself. I’m enjoying the freedom of no attachments though 😏😏 When I like someone I like to let them know I accept them as they are because I expect the same. I don’t like poetry, dramas, or concerts…any live performance really. Not that they’re bad, but they do something to me that makes me uncomfortable. Music videos too. I can just feel EVERYTHING and it’s so much. I can’t deal, it feels as if I’m blushing scarlet. Not a fan of modern art except it makes the room look nice. I much prefer older, da Vinci era art. Also love history too ♥

Don’t feel pressured to marry! Be a slay queen! Own your shit! Never look back! Breathe. Don’t judge. You’re the shit! If you’re a pussy you get popped. Listen to music and dance in the shower/while scooping water from the bucket. Take care of your skin. Eat dessert! <—- very important. Pop off with vigour. Have grace though, it’s not everyone you will answer. Block rude people. Before they have a chance to be rude to you. Be happy about others’ achievements! Don’t be lazy ffs!

I laugh at stuff and remember them 3 weeks later and start laughing all over again, harder, with tears and snorts and really scary sounding coughs. This is going to happen with that “monocotyledon cremator” tweet and honestly I can’t wait.

My back is paining me with this posture but I don’t care. Wine is trash. I watch food porn and I have regrets. But I don’t look back. Wrapper is the best piece of clothing. Had I been able to influence my creation, knowing what I do now, I’d have asked God to give me dense, curly hair. I’ve got good friends. I’m an INFJ. I don’t apologise for me. Love learning.

Nothing more to say. The comments for your help. I have a look at the moment. The comments for your help 6 the UK. I have a look at the moment. I’m a little while, so that we are able, I think it was not the same. If I was just the thing to remember to take advantage to you, I think it was not the same.

Tapped the middle and right word suggestions. Really silly looking statements lmao.




I am not promising my future mother-in-law and I will always leave in harmony.
I am not promising that I will not talk to other men or hug them or even receive their calls (if you like don’t work on your jealousy)
I’m not promising you that I won’t get offended when you do things to annoy me neither will I smile with you all the time.

But I promise to love you with all my heart giving you listening ears, feeding and spoiling you with variety that you never know what to expect at the dinner table.
I promise to always be honest with you. I promise to always pray for you and our children raising them up in a godly way.
I promise not to run my mouth in public places about the things you do or do not do for and to me.
And also I promise…

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